Carl Seaver

Protection…. not THAT kind of protection!

I wanted to share some thoughts with those of you who are involved with any form of spiritual work, (especially those who are involved in their psychic development) and that could be any form of “light worker”, Psychics, Mediums, or even someone who simply meditates.  These might be thoughts, but they are also FACTS for me.

#1. I create my own reality. Whatever I think becomes real. Whatever I believe I am capable of, I AM capable of.

#2. Darkness only exists due to the absence of light. You cannot ADD darkness to anything. You can only take away the light.

#3. You ARE the light. YOU are what sheds light onto or into the darkness.

There are many people (my Psychic and Medium friends included) who feel the need to “Protect” themselves from something.  Protect themselves from “dark entities”, or “dark energy”.  They spray themselves off to “clear” themselves from negative energy, they “Sage” and “Smudge”, they wear special colors, or amulets, etc.  You may know one of these people.  You might BE one of these people.  If you do, or if you are, I invite you to process things a different way.  Although I will never take away from someone’s specific need for rituals, I do feel compelled to remind people of the 3 FACTS above and below.

#1. If you believe you need to protect yourself, then in fact you do.  But what are you telling the universe????

#2. If you think there is darkness, then I will politely suggest that you realign your belief system and remind yourself of the fact that darkness is not a thing, it is ONLY the lack of light.  There is no measurement for darkness.  Only a measurement for the lack of light.


So while I know that some of you may align with this already, I know that there are many of you who believe this, and think that they are only using those “things” for fun…. because they like to.  Let’s all remember the Universe only has one answer for you, and that answer is always YES!  Why do you really think you need protection?  Did someone before you tell you that you needed protection, because someone before them told them that they needed protection?  This seems to be the way this gets passed down.  The only time someone needs protection, is when they are in FEAR, and after all, FEAR is only the lack of LOVE.  Most people fear the unknown instead of embrace the unknown.  The simple act of embracing the unknown allows it to become something wonderful, something exciting and something new.  But again, most people fear the unknown, and most likely it is because of how or what they were taught during their development.  Many spiritual teachers or instructors make part of their living teaching their students how to protect themselves, and this certainly won’t sit well with them…. But oh well, its time that those teachers and instructors embrace the simple fact that we are made of LOVE and LIGHT.  We are all part of that and that’s all there is (in the spirit world).

If you need protection, it must be because on some level you think you are lacking something…. or less than, and that is exactly what you are telling the Universe you are every time you use Sage, Smudge, an amulet, a spray bottle, wear your magic colors, or zip yourself up in a protective layer.  You are SCREAMING to the Universe that you are lacking something, and you NEED something else to add to yourself.  You might not even be conscious of this fact, but in the simplest form this is exactly what you are doing.  You are not strengthening yourself at all.  In fact, you are doing the exact opposite.  You are weakening yourself, every time you “protect” yourself.  Remember, you only need protection if you are fearful of something, (FEAR is only the lack of LOVE) and if you are entering this work from a place of fear, then I think its time you invite yourself to reexamine what you have been taught, and reexamine your entire belief system.

We use many forms of protection in this world (not the spirit world)?  We use sunblock to protect our skin from getting burned.  We use body suits and masks as protection when we work with paint or insulation in the attic.  We build protective walls along part of the coast to protect us from the damage that the waves can do in a storm.  Our law enforcement officers wear bullet proof vests to protect themselves.  We wear hardhats in construction zones.  We use these additional layers for protection, because we don’t want anything to harm us or damage us.

While in this work, your sprays, your powders, your stones or your gems, your amulets, your salt water solutions, your magic colors, and your protective layers will NEVER add anything to you.  You are lacking NOTHING, and the sooner you know that and own that, the more free you will become. Free from what you ask?????

Free from FEAR, free from lack, free from anything that consciously or subconsciously shows and tells the Universe that you are missing something.

Feel empowered enough to step into your evolved self and step away from anything that continues to make you less than.