Carl Seaver

About Carl

Carl SeaverSince Carl’s 30-minute conversation with his grandfather (3 months after his passing) in 1988, he realized that he had an ability to communicate with the Spirit World.  Carl believes that this ability was just lying dormant prior to this event.  However, The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, chose this specific time to start to reveal this ability to him.  He says that “this is an ability, not a gift.  Everyone has this ability and everyone is capable of learning how to develop his or her intuitive, psychic and mediumistic capacities.”

Like many who have had certain abilities instantly revealed, Carl fought it, hid it from others, denied it, and dismissed it for many years.  But in time, and after Universal sign after sign, and after Universal hint after hint he finally threw my arms up in the air and shouted to the Universe…”OK I GIVE UP!!  For some reason I seem to have some type of heightened ability, so I guess I better figure out what to do with it”.

At that time Carl decide to dive in head first and start developing his psychic and intuitive abilities.  He did what every obsessive-compulsive, hyper-analytical person would do…. He read almost every book he could get his hands on; “I questioned almost everything I read, and almost everything I was taught.”

One of Carl’s first experiences with opening his mind up to the non-physical universe came in the form of what is called Remote Viewing.  Through some research he was guided to find David Morehouse, who in Carl’s opinion is simply the BEST Remote Viewing instructor and authority on the subject.  David is an international best-selling author, nominated for a noble prize in 1999, and is considered as the World’s leading Remote Viewing teacher.  Carl suggests that you research remote viewing by going to  Simply stated, Remote Viewing singlehandedly converted his “believing” that there was something more than just the physical world, to ‘KNOWING” that we only perceive a very small part of what is available to us.

After some eye-opening experiences with Remote Viewing, Carl continued on his path for several years and realized that his true calling in this arena was to continue along the path of Psychic Readings and Mediumship Sessions.  From the beginning of his development Carl was fortunate enough to be taught by some of the best locally known, then regionally known, then Internationally known Psychic Mediums.  Carl has learned so many valuable things, as he still does in every session he has, and he realized many years ago that this is a subject matter where the learning never ends.

During this time Carl also became certified as a Past-Life Regression Counselor.  Once he realized that he could communicate with someone in the Spirit World, it didn’t take long for him to KNOW that our soul carries on.  We do not die. Yes it officially stated; WE DO NOT DIE!  Our physical form does have a starting point and an ending point, but that is only for our physical form.  The soul continues, and knowing that it continues, Carl believes that it only make sense that we would incarnate time after time after time, to continue to learn valuable life lessons and to continue to evolve as a soul.

Carl is so passionate about the work that he does and he know that he has found his calling.  “The feeling of being able to help someone get back on target or back on their true path through a Psychic Reading, and the feeling of being able to help someone connect with a loved one who has passed on and is in the Spirit World through a Mediumship session is truly a humbling, indescribable joy.”

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