Carl Seaver


Carl teaches many classes that are all designed to enhance and heighten your Psychic Abilities. The class subjects will include many areas of interest such as:

Psychic Development
Increasing your Psychic Awareness
Mediumship Classes
Group Past Life Regressions
Guided Meditations

1-on-1 Psychic Development
1 hour session
Price: $100.00

To take part in the Psychic Development Series you can visit

Psychic Development
Are you Psychic??? Have you ever thought of someone and then they called you on the phone? Can you sense someone’s emotions just be being around them? Then maybe its time you started to develop your innate psychic abilities. Learn how to develop and use the abilities that we were all born with. Our Psychic Development Classes will expand your Psychic Awareness. Come and learn about your own current Psychic strengths. Learn about the “Clairs” – Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience. Learn about Psychometry, ESP, Psychic Hygiene, as well as your own Psychic abilities.

Mediumship Classes
These are Intensive Workshops, designed for your personal and/or professional development and growth. These workshops will be held in a Safe, Supportive and Sacred Environment. No experience is necessary.
In these Intensive Workshops you will learn: How to properly connect with loved ones who have crossed over, How to communicate with the Other Side, Learn Specific Steps and Methods, Exercise proper Psychic Hygiene, Explore your individual strengths, approaches and options, Discover the “Clairs” and how they pertain to you, Learn intimately the continuation and evidence of our Souls, our Process and our Journey, Cover all steps of conducting a Mediumship Reading, Practice and Conduct your own Mediumship Reading, Build a solid foundation of experience upon completion of this class, covering what you need to know to do Mediumship Work. Knowledge of the Chakras is strongly encouraged 

No Experience Necessary for this Workshop

Group Past Life Regressions
Have you ever been curious about Past Lives? This is a wonderful opportunity to start with. 
In a safe, sacred and loving atmosphere, you will be walked through a specific step-by-step process that will enable you to experience a past life of your own. 
You will be guided into a relaxing and comfortable state of mind where you will be in total control of the adventure the entire time. 
You will know what to expect before hand, and you will be easily guided through this fascinating process. 
No Experience is ever necessary! 
Accessing Past Life information can be an extremely healing and dynamic experience. Many people use this method to gain information and understanding about circumstances surrounding current repeated and/or unresolved issues in this life, and how they are connected to past lives. We will have an opportunity to create a healing experience, and also share with one another (which is always optional).

Guided Meditations
Everyone has heard about how important Meditation is, and how beneficial, how healthy it is, and how we should all be participating in Meditation regularly. Well 
here is an opportunity for you to allow yourself to sit back, detach yourself from your worries, relax and be in the “moment”, while being guided through a specific Meditations for your mind, body and spirit. 

 The only thing that is required of you is that you show up 

and join us as we move through these Powerful yet simple Meditations to help us center ourselves, clear our minds, and begin to feel every benefit of the special Gifts that Meditation has to offer.