Carl Seaver

Mediumship House Parties

Setting up a Mediumship House Party is fun thing to do, and usually last about 1-1.5 hours.
There are a few standard things that you should be aware of prior to scheduling Carl for your House Party.
The first thing to discuss is your location.  You must be within 25 minutes of Carl’s location, otherwise additional travel fees will apply.  Please email Carl for more specific details if you live further than 25 minutes away from Carl’s office.
There are a few business details that are appropriate to discuss ahead of time, and they consist of “Atmosphere, Expectations, Scheduling and Payment”.

Here are some things that are good to know

A Mediumship House Party typically lasts about 1 hour to 90 minutes by the time we start and completely finish.  As in any location that Carl holds a Mediumship Demonstration, he will need privacy in a room that has a chair for about 15 minutes prior to the demonstration.  This way he can prepare to communicate with those in the Spirit World.  We know that many Mediumship House Parties turn into mini-parties that include food and drinks for the guests.  Carl has learned from his experience that alcohol and Mediumship audiences usually don’t go well together, so prior to the demonstration it is the host’s or hostess’ responsibility to make sure that guests only have a MAXIMUM of one drink prior to the demonstration.
Also, it is best that there isn’t any other function going on in the house at the same time.  In the past Carl was asked to do a House Party and while this House Party, consisting of all females, was going on, all of the husbands were in the next room watching and yelling at the TV during a football game.  You can imagine that it wasn’t the best atmosphere to conduct a house party for a Mediumship Demonstration.  The host or hostess should have a full understanding that nothing else should be going on in the house during this time, including children in other rooms that will require the attention of their mothers while Carl is in the middle of making connections and providing messages for those in attendance.
No different than any other Mediumship Demonstration that Carl holds, there are no guarantees that Carl will be able to make a connection or provide a message to everyone who attends.  In smaller groups, he does do his best to make a connection for everyone, but all who attend must know ahead of time that they are not guaranteed a connection or a message.  During the times that Carl is making connections for someone who is attending, all other people should know that they should be paying attention as well, as it is very important to maintain the energy in the room.
Scheduling and Payment:
As with any other service that Carl provides, all scheduling and payment is arranged directly on this webpage by using the following link
Mediumship House Parties are set at a fixed price, and Carl does not see any other clients during the day of your House Party so that he can remain fresh and strong for you and your guests.  Carl recommends a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 10 people.  Please understand that a House Party is not a series of mini 1-on-1 readings for your guests.  It is a Demonstration of Mediumship with a small, private and intimate group of your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, employees, etc.
Carl will take the time at the beginning of the Mediumship House Party to discuss what those in attendance should expect, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.