Carl Seaver

Carl SeaverSince Carl’s 30-minute conversation with his grandfather (3 months after his passing) in 1988, he realized that he had an ability to communicate with the Spirit World.

Carl believes that this ability was just lying dormant prior to this event.  However, The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, chose that specific time to start to reveal this ability to him.  He says that “this is an ability, not a gift. Everyone has this ability and like all abilities, some are more natural at using it, but all can develop it.  Anyone can go to the gym and work out, but not everyone will be Arnold Schwarzenegger…anyone can learn to play an instrument, but not everyone will be Chopin or Mozart.”

Carl is so passionate about this work and he feels so fortunate to be able to help others find or get back on their chosen soul/life path with Psychic Readings, and connect with their loved one(s) who are in Spirit and are no longer here in physical form with Mediumship Sessions.

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