Carl Seaver

Don’t be afraid of NO!

A question came up the other day, after a Mediumship Demonstration, regarding how I am able to do this work. What was asked was “How do you “get” all of this information” in a Mediumship Demonstration or in a 1-on-1 Mediumship Session. “Not only that, but how do you know you’re right before you share it?”

With a smile on my face, I was instantly reminded of a former Mediumship session I had, and I decided to share my thoughts on it (while still honoring the privacy of my client) because I thought it answered many questions at the same time.

The smile on my face was about that feeling of “being right”. As a Medium, the fear of being right is a very weird thing to work up to, and ultimately beyond. In most cases it is the fear of being right that blocks a Medium’s ability to deliver evidence. Sure, anyone can say “I have your mom here and she wants you to know that she loves you and she is proud of you.” Its another thing all together to be able to provide evidence of “mom” and then to say, “I have a female here in spirit who is 72 years old. I know that she passes because of an illness that she had for many years. This illness effected her abdomen and ultimately traveled to different parts of her body. She was always the life of the party and is showing me a closet of shoes. She is sharing the names Dorothy, Betty, Alice and Robert with me. I know this is your mom and that Alice and Robert are with her in spirit. She brings the date of July 12th up to me and shows me that there was a celebration on that date”….and so on, and so on….

One connection contains no evidence at all, while the other is full of evidence. “But how do you know you’re right before you share it?” I will give you the simple answer to that…… EXPERIENCE! I am able to perceive those things for a reason. At my current level of experience, I choose to not worry about being right before I share something. I say at my current level of experience because I might have a different opinion in 1 year or in 5 years. But for now, its a conscious choice to detach myself from being right before I share this information. Of course once this information is shared, I do expect the sitter/client/recipient to validate this information in the form of yeses and no’s. Hopefully I get a lot less no’s than yeses. 🙂 But I allow the no’s to help me perceive the information in a different way. I use the no’s to help get me back on track. But it is all based upon my life’s experience. This is what guides my perceptions. Here is a brief example. If I am making a connection with someone in spirit, and it “feels like” mom and I share all of the information about this person in spirit and all of that information is accurate except that it wasn’t mom. (I would know that because the sitter/client/recipient would say “NO” to mom in spirit.) I would take that NO and allow it to bring me back on track. What was it, and why was it that I was perceiving “mom”… What if it was a grandmother who raised the client since they were in diapers, and mom was never in the picture. The simple fact that I haven’t had that life experience would initially preclude me from perceiving it as grandmother in the first place. I might be wrong with “mom” this time, but now I have experienced that sensation or that scenario and I add that to my life experience file. Next time that happens, I will probably be able to pick up on the fact that it wasn’t “mom” after all. That is what EXPERIENCE provides….

Now to get back to the smile on my face…… I was in the middle of providing evidence of a loved one in spirit for my client, who must have either been in shock, amazement or frustration about the information I was giving. Their posture changed during the session, and they’re excitement level seemed to drastically decrease. Most clients do not show up in an antagonist, arms crossed manner. But I think that some people expect you to tell them the last conversation they had with their mother, father, sister, brother…word for word!!! Of course that puts people in a closed, defensive energetic position. I was now telling them about a dog that the person in spirit was showing me. I knew that they joined this dog in spirit, which means that the dog was already there, and the person joined them later. I saw this dog as a small, playful, brown, white and black dog. I said out loud…”I know that your “loved one” is with their Basset Hound that they had when they were a child. What I heard after that was a loud “NO”. They didn’t have a Basset Hound, they had a Beagle. Believe it or not, I had NO CLUE what a Beagle was. It was not in my “life experience file”. The NO was so strong that it literally made me question everything I was perceiving for the rest of their session. Again, this was a few years ago when I let the NO scare me. I truly don’t remember the rest of that session, but suffice it to say, I imagined that my client was not impressed one bit.

I remember that this bothered me internally for the rest of the day, because I really saw this Basset Hound. It bothered me until I got home that night and hit the internet to see what a Beagle looks like….. It was at that exact moment when I began smiling and laughing. Thinking that these dogs look so similar… In fact I think that a Basset Hound is just a droopy Beagle. LOL

Wonderful lessons were learned that day as a result of that session, and definitely as a result of that NO. One of the most important things I learned that day was that hearing NO, doesn’t necessarily mean I am wrong. I might have been off in my perception, but my life experience provided me with an image of a Bassett Hound, ONLY BECAUSE I didn’t know what a Beagle looked like.

Below are 2 pictures… One is a Beagle and the other is a Basset Hound. My experience was limited for this specific dog, because I never owned either breed, nor was I very familiar with either breed…. So I did my best to process the information that I perceived in my session.

Being afraid of the no’s can definitely block your ability to speak your truth, it can definitely block your innate ability to simply know things… Being afraid of the no’s can stop you from getting to your yeses…. and YES this applies to everything in your life.

So if you are going to set aside time to see a Medium, being “open” will certainly help your session. Mediumship is not a science. I think of it more as an art form. The art form of being able to provide evidence to the client

Basset Hound