Carl Seaver

Why connect… the short version

canstockphoto13975161A very good friend of mine once asked me what was the purpose of connecting someone to their deceased relatives (their loved ones in spirit)….

Based on that question, I thought it was clear that they didn’t believe that it was possible.  But maybe they just wanted to know why anyone would want to do that.  I sat there with a blank stare because I wasn’t expecting that type of question from this person.  I was expecting questions like: How can you do that?  How long have you been able to do that?  Is it really possible?  Can anyone do that?  Can anyone learn how to do that?  Can you connect with my _________??

Instead of those questions, which to me at least implies an interest, I was faced with someone who couldn’t even understand the purpose of connecting someone with their loved one who was no longer here on the physical plane.  For what its worth, this person would define themselves as a religious person.  I mention this because I strongly believe that certain things in our life condition us to believe or not believe things.  Upbringing, religion, and culture are a few examples of things that formulate our belief systems.

I sat there for a minute trying to figure out where these questions were coming from.  In other words, was it the only way that they were able to start talking about something that they didn’t believe in, or was it the only way that they could broach the subject because they weren’t “permitted” to believe, and it might have been the safest way for them to start the conversation.  I chose the latter to give them the benefit of the doubt.

My personality would normally be to provide an example, a reason, or an answer that would hit them directly in the heart…. But instead, I decided on another approach.  I really felt that they were asking because they were trying to understand, in the only way that they could.

So I took a deep breath, and simply said, “There are many purposes to do this, but I think the most significant purpose of connecting someone to their loved one(s) in spirit is to show them that the Soul carries on…we go on, we continue. We continue to be with, and support our loved ones here.  Its only our form that changes.”  I said, “We transition, we don’t die, and helping someone understand that, by being able to provide evidence about their loved one(s) in spirit (their personality, names and dates that are relevant to them, type of work they did, how they passed, shared memories they have with their loved one(s) in spirit, what their loved one(s) have seen since they have passed, and so on), is something that I am passionate about and I feel it shows that their loved one(s) must still be here.  Otherwise, how and why would I be able to know all of that information about them?

There was no further comment from them.  They just stood there with a nodding head and a look of intrigued understanding, and dare I say acceptance…. without hearing a sound from them.