Carl Seaver

Fighting the Universe


So to save A LOT of time, let’s just jump right into the understanding that The Universe ALWAYS says YES!

The Universe says YES to your dominant energy. Whether that dominant energy is focused thoughts of success, or thoughts of frustration for things not going the way you thought they should go, or thoughts of fear of success or failure, (Which most likely could translate to self worth and/or self love) a big YES will be the response.

When you set out with a goal, whether its a short-term goal of what you are going to accomplish this week, or a lofty goal of what you are going to accomplish this year with your life, there is that internal battle, an internal struggle, or some internal frustration with yourself inside your head. That battle, struggle or frustration is between the YOU that expresses creativity, desires exploration, sets goals, refuses to be bound, and whose power cannot be contained or denied, and that voice in your head that constantly asks if you are doing the right thing, or is this happening the right way.

Here are some things you might be hearing within your head to know that you are battling, struggling or being frustrated with SELF…..

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea”

“I don’t think I can really do this”

“There is no way that this is going to work out”

“This isn’t going my way, so I am going to step in and try to control it”

“What if this doesn’t work?”

“Why aren’t they listening to what I want?”

“Why aren’t they doing what I asked them to do?”

If that mental chatter in your head is telling you that you shouldn’t be doing this because you could never turn it into the dream that you wanted it to be, or you really cant’ reach that goal you set, or you are frustrated by someone’s actions or lack there of …The Universe “hears” you and provides you with you have asked for. In this case, you have just asked for more doubt, more fear and more frustration.

Now most people will not admit that they have a fearful, doubtful or frustrated voice inside their head, even if they will have that look of confidence on the exterior, yet be full of fear, doubt or frustration on the interior. They wouldn’t tell you because they think that if they SAY it out loud, then their fears, doubts and frustrations would come true.

The truth of the matter is whether you “say it” or not, or whether you “do it” or not doesn’t matter at all if you still THINK IT.

That is the fight with the Universe. You have set a goal and the Universe says YES. Now you are going to spend time in some counter productive activity (thoughts) and the Universe is going to say YES, again.

Here is an example of what I recently went through. I set a short-term advertising goal to reach. Part of this goal was that I chose specific words that were appropriately aligned with my skills and my target audience, and I submitted the category I wanted to be listed under in a directory, knowing that this category didn’t exist in any previous publication. That category was MEDIUM. I did this knowing that there are others in this publication that do what I do, and they are not listed in this category that I was asking and intending to be listed in. I knew what I wanted and I proceeded with the knowledge that what I created and desired was going to be received, accepted and approved.

I didn’t spend much time worrying about why others didn’t get the same thing approved, or what other category I should try to fit myself into. I simply moved forward knowing that it was going to happen exactly how I wanted it to and exactly how I saw it. After submitting my wording and desired category of “Medium”, I was told that it couldn’t happen. They were not comfortable with the category I selected, and I should list myself in some other categories that already exist. The categories that already existed were Spiritual Advisor or Intuitive Counselor. Some might accept that, but I don’t believe I do or offer either of those things. I do not advise or counsel. I simply connect the living to their friends, family or loved ones in spirit. Now you might say that’s just semantics, but I strongly believe that our language and vocabulary is of paramount importance, and I would never want to mislead a client. Long story short, I would rather elect to not be listed, than to be listed in a category that wasn’t appropriate.

I heard that inner voice telling me to contact them and tell them how wrong they were, and educate them on how many people are actually seeking out the services of a Medium, and how most people know what a Medium is. I wanted to defend my profession and myself. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind (New Jersey style). Instead, I simply sent an email stating that I was disappointed in their decision and I would hope that they would reconsider. If they couldn’t, I would have to explore other avenues or publications.

A day later I received two voice mails. I saw that they were within 3 minutes of each other. The first was explaining that after further discussion on the topic, it was decided that they would not create a new category for me, and if I wished to be included in their publication, I should again select their two choices for me. After a few deep breathes, I decided to listen to the next voice mail from a different number. This voice mail was from the same person calling me to tell me that it was decided to approve my new category and welcome me to their publication. They have also decided to do a brief story on me as a Medium. All of this because I believe I kept my focus, and I knew I wasn’t going to allow myself to be placed into a “socially acceptable” category. If they weren’t going to create this new category, The Universe must have a better plan, one that I didn’t even think of yet. No internal struggle, no frustration of trying to convince someone that they were making a mistake, no thoughts of doubt that if they don’t want this new category, they must know that people aren’t interested in it. I simply allowed the process to unfold. How did I do that? Why was I able to be at peace with that? I practice the deliberate act mentioned below.

So the first thing to do when you hear that voice in your head that wants to take over, is to make a conscious choice to observe the inner chatter, but do not participate in it, and definitely do not subscribe to it. This is a deliberate act that you must choose to do. This is an act that is so simple that most people think it’s too insignificant to actually work. People’s problems are so big that this benign act is thought to be a waste of time by so many people. So what is it?

Spend some time in mental solitude each day. Set aside a specific amount of time (and it doesn’t have to be anything more than 15 minutes), where you are going to enter a space of quiet. No cellphone, no email, no screaming kids, no TV, no laundry list of things that you should have done, things that you have to do, etc… This is a time for YOU. A time where you simply need to exist and feel what it feels like to breathe. Feel that air flowing through you, feeling your lungs expand, feel that life entering your body and feel grateful for all that you have. You don’t have to breathe in “the good” and exhale “the bad”…. not only is that too “Woo Woo”, it’s an out dated concept drenched in fear. We have all expanded beyond that paradigm. We only need to breathe and feel what it is to be a part of this Universe. In this time we are reminded what it is like to be connected with and be a part of Divinity. We are reminded what it is like to be supported by something much greater than our conscious minds, our friends, or our family. We are reminded of what it is like to feel our soul.

Let’s also remain on the same page with each other here; mental chatter of fear, doubt and frustration is much different then an intuitive sense of knowing not to do something. There is a MAJOR difference. If you do not know or see the difference, then this is clearly meant for you, and its time that you started doing this very simple act.  You owe it to yourself.  I will change your life.