Carl Seaver

Mediumship Sessions

Since my 30-minute conversation with my grandfather (3 months after his passing) in 1988, I realized that I had an ability to communicate with the other side.  My personal experience has made Mediumship very dear to me and I am honored to share this ability. If you would like to connect to a loved one who has crossed over, I would invite you to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Mediumship Session is a private session where the Medium communicates with those in spirit who have crossed over.  A session is conducted as a one-on-one private appointment, and can also be scheduled in a platform or gallery setting that consists of an audience of people and the selected individual who get readings are random. (meaning not everyone will get a reading).  There are as many Mediums as there are styles of Mediumship and ways that Mediums connect to your loved ones in Spirit.  The purpose of the Evidential Medium is to share EVIDENCE of your loved one, such as but not limited to, their personality, character, style of dress, type of work they did, how they passed, how long they have passed, names and dates that are connected to them, or to you, what family events they have seen since they have passed, etc.  This Evidence is provided so that you know without a doubt who the Medium is communicating with.  This Evidence is provided to you so that you have an understanding that the soul carries on, that there is a continuation of life, after life, and that your loved ones in Spirit are still with you and that they continue to support you.

All Mediumship Sessions are designed to be private and 1-on-1 sessions.  Brining additional people into your session with you is only appropriate when ALL people in your party wish to connect with the same people in Spirit.  Mediumship Session fees discussed on this webpage are for private 1-on-1 sessions.  Please contact me prior to your session to discuss the fees associated with multiple party sessions.

If you are looking to schedule a Mediumship Reading by phone or a Mediumship Reading by a Video Call click here