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Susan Stephens

It has been an honor and a privilege to participate in Carl Seaver’s Mentorship Program. The individual attention, Carl’s sharing of his own experiences along with his willingness to listen to my concerns have proven invaluable to my growth and development. The exercises were challenging and the feedback was tough to hear sometimes, but together has strengthened my mediumship. The Mentorship Program has increased the quality of my readings, my confidence has grown as well as my ability to work out of my comfort zone. I highly encourage anyone open to learning and improving their Mediumship to choose Carl as your mentor, he is amazing!

Susan Stephens
Donna Rizzardi
I recently completed a 12 week Mediumship Program with Carl Seaver as my Mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed and experienced positive growth in my development. I had my own personal goals and had been given exercises and assignments from Carl that benefitted me. Over the course of 12 weeks my connections with Spirit Communicators became stronger and clearer, as did my confidence and comfort in my readings. I look forward to and  will continue to learn from Carl through workshops and practice circles. I admire his candor, integrity and teaching with responsibility and ethics. He is a highly experienced and an outstanding Medium.  I recommend Carl as a Mentor and Medium.
Donna Riz
AnnMarie Zoto

Participating in Carl’s Mentorship Program help me pinpoint certain dynamics of my mediumship. In the beginning,  I had found myself struggling to change what Carl had brought to my attention. Carl assured me the exercises were worth it and he was right! Carl had an open door to every question I needed an answer on and open my eyes to things that were relevant to my question but I did not even think of. If you want to be pushed, and build a great foundation for your mediumship, I highly recommend Carl’s Mentorship Program.

AnnMarie Zoto
Donna Rizzardi

My initial contact with Carl took place at his Open Psychic Development Circle at The Karma Castle. Carl conducted our group with great guidance, information and psychic exercises which expanded my abilities and knowledge. Next, I attended his Essentials of Mediumship Workshop. Once again, I found Carl to be an outstanding teacher. He has given me the tools needed to elevate my abilities. I continue to grow and achieve a better knowledge and understanding in communicating evidence and valuable information to others. I regularly attend his Mediumship Development Practice Circle. The Karma Castle’s environment is warm, encouraging and positive. I highly recommend Carl Seaver as a teacher and guide of Psychic and Mediumship Development.

Donna Rizzardi
Jeanne Fleigle

My experience with Carl has been a wonderful journey of discovery of my own intuitive abilities. Carl leads us through really creative and fun exercises that truly awaken the innate skills that we all have in some form. He is a caring, experienced, and open mentor. He takes time to explain things clearly, guides us around pitfalls, and just generally clears the way for our learning. My ongoing classes with Carl have been something I very much look forward to each week, and I miss the experience when I cannot be there.

Jeanne Fleigle
Jacqueline Westlake
New Jersey

Carl- what can I say wow… My first reading from Carl I was blown away. He is extremely gifted, and straight forward. I also received the Reconnection from Carl, and since then experienced many “out of this world” experiences! I believe Carl was put in my life to direct me to my path. You are missed here in NJ Carl, but I know you are a phone call away.

Shima Chayvet
New York

Since the time I can remember I have always been intrigued by the metaphysical side of life. I have experienced everything from Tarot Readings, Seances, Reiki Healings, etc. I even found myself taking classes in anything that even related to that small voice inside me that knew there was more about me that I wanted/needed to know …but how and where was it or was it just a fairy tale I refused to give up? Then one day I walked into a Health and Wellness Fair and met Carl Seaver who had the information I had never heard of. I did a reading with him as well and must say that he “blew me away” and I knew this man was the real thing. No hocus locus here.

Lynne Stansbury Dunn
New Jersey

Carl is a very gifted medium who delivers such accurate info in a very down to earth, honest way. Carl has a very down to earth way, mixed with humor, and his readings are powerful as well as fun!

Maura Bertotti
New Jersey

Carl Seaver is a Gifted Medium and Psychic! If you need answers, if you want to cut through the denseness in your life, receive clarity and direction, Carl is the one to connect with. I have had the pleasure of working with Carl in New Jersey and I’ve witnessed his strong, effective Gifts being shared with many, many happy clients. He has conducted more Readings for me over the last few years personally than I could ever count. He’s the one I go to, the TOPS of my list! I’m very grateful for his abilities!

Delaney Zellman
New Jersey

Carl is amazing! Not only is he completely gifted, but he is so easy to talk to and makes you feel nothing but comfortable and welcome. Thanks for being so supportive and understanding through my journey!!

Cynthia Ray

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Carl Seaver at a seminar. Carl has amazed me with the mediumship readings that he has done for me. After grieving the loss of my father for over 20 years I can finally say I have found comfort and clarity return to my life. I thank Carl for changing my life! I recommend that not only someone grieving a loss, but anyone that would like to connect with a loved one on the other side, to contact Carl Seaver without hesitation. He will change your life!

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