Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings

A Mediumship and Psychic Video Reading is no different than an in-person reading, and is conducted in a very similar manner as an in-person reading.

Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings

The Psychic and Mediumship World has finally caught up with the modern electronic age.  Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings are becoming very popular, and they are allowing people from all over the world to be able to schedule Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings with Mediums who they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see due to geography.

“You should expect the same type of reading as if you were in the Medium’s or Psychic’s office.”

So let’s get right to the point.  A Mediumship and Psychic Video Reading is no different than an in-person reading.  A Mediumship and Psychic Video Reading is conducted in a very similar manner in which you would think an in-person Mediumship and Psychic Reading would be as well.  The only difference is you can do this in the comfort of your own home. (please still dress appropriately LOL!)

So what do you physically need in order to be able to schedule a Mediumship and Psychic Video Reading? 
Quite simply, assuming that you already have cell service, and/or internet/WIFI service, you only need one of the follow items:

  1. A smartphone
  2. An iPad or Android tablet
  3. A laptop or computer that has a camera and microphone

Most Psychics and Mediums use video conferencing software that allows them to conduct Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings.  It is very rare that the client would have to pay additional for this software, as the vast majority of them are free to use for 1-on-1 Video Readings.

When I conduct my Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings, I always suggest that my clients use a headphone with a microphone that is built inline.  This would be the same type of headphones you would use with your smartphone.  If you can make a call with it, while talking and listening at the same time, then this is a perfect item to use.  I suggest using them because it does keep all of the background noise to a minimum, but it isn’t mandatory.  I have conducted many Mediumship and Psychic Video Readings when my clients didn’t have headphones.  It can still work, but using them does make things sound a little better.

What should you expect from a Mediumship and Psychic Video Reading?  You should expect the same type of reading as if you were in the Medium’s or Psychic’s office.  The job of the Medium and Psychic remains the same.  If you are scheduling a Psychic Video Reading, we will connect to you, “tune in” to you, if you will, and begin to share all that we perceive around and about you.  You job also remains the same, meaning you will still be responding to the Psychic in the manner in which they asked you to. 

What if you are interested in scheduling a Mediumship Video Reading?  Again, since this is no different than an in-person reading, the Medium’s job is to connect to The Spirit World, specifically your Loved One(s) in Spirit, and begin to share all information that they perceive about the Spirit Communicator.  That’s your Loved One in The Spirit World.  Your job is to simply respond in the manner in which the Medium has asked you at the beginning of the reading.

Believe it or not, you do not need to physically be in-person for a Psychic or Medium to conduct a Video Reading for you.  Most people are surprised to learn this, but it is true none-the-less.  I remember when I first started seeing clients many years ago, and I was conducting a Phone Reading.  At the time of scheduling, my client asked me if I will be calling her on her house land line instead of her cellphone because she thought that the land line was an actual physical line, that it would make my connection to The Spirit World stronger.  As innocent as her question was, I did find it a little funny.  If your Loved One(s) in The Spirit World aren’t physically here anymore, why should you have to be physically in a Medium or Psychic’s office?

Think about it this way.  Although our Loved One(s) are still available to us, they are no longer in physical form.  Since they are no longer in physical form, they aren’t bound to the “rules” of our physical world.  Considering that we are in physical form, it’s hard for us to imagine anything but being physical, and that leads to the confusion that some people have with Mediumship and Video Psychic Readings.

If you don’t live close to a Medium or Psychic, scheduling a Mediumship or Psychic Video Reading is only a “click” away.  If you schedule a Mediumship or Psychic Video with me, you will receive an email as a confirmation of your scheduled Video Reading, along with a clickable link that has been specially created for your scheduled reading.  As such, it will only be valid for the date and time that you scheduled your reading.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions, or simply schedule your Mediumship or Psychic Video Reading today.


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