The Essentials of Mediumship - Part 1

March 21, 2020  |  12:30pm – 6:00pm

This ONE-DAY Intensive Workshop you will learn the ESSENTIAL steps of how to become a Medium.

No Mediumship Experience Is Necessary.

In this intensive workshop you will learn the following ESSENTIAL steps of how to become a Medium:

The different forms of Mediumship
The Ethics of Mediumship
Discovery of the “CLAIRS” and how they pertain to your Mediumship
Psychic/Energetic Hygiene
Meeting your Spirit Guide
Communicating with The Spirit World

Due to the limited number of students permitted to enroll in this class, there are NO REFUNDS offered.

Interested parties must pre-register online.
Registration for this class closes on March 14th

Existing Psychic Development Students who have attended at least 6 of Carl’s classes will qualify for a special discount.
Please email Carl directly to find out about this discount.

Attending the Essentials of Mediumship workshop entitles you to sit in two (2) Mediumship Monday Development & Practice Circles at no additional charge.

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I had the honor to study with Carl for several months in the Mediumship and Psychic classes. Carl is a tough teacher who pushes you to explore the spirit and your craft beyond the usual generic teachings. He made me a better conduit for the spirit and all the hard work and study was well worth it. I... Read More
Donna Wright 
Donna Wright
I’m so glad I got a chance to work with Carl. He is a great leader and helped me with developing my Mediumship skills. He knows how to balance having fun with getting down to work. He guided me to take my gifts to the next level and I know he will help many others.
C L 
My favorite part of Carl is that he speaks the truth and I can always count on his honesty. There are so many pieces of him that form together and produce incredible effects. I’ve had the pleasure of being a student of Mediumship and Remote Viewing while he was living in New Jersey.
Bobbi Torres 
Bobbi Torres
Thank you again… I have never had an experience like that, I really could feel her there when you were talking… it was hard not to get emotional, and I will definitely take the “enjoy life more” comment seriously. She definitely lived hers to the fullest… You pointed out things that no one... Read More
Sandy Clementi 
Sandy Clementi
Carl, first of all, I really want to thank you so much for having wonderful moments by spending time and feeling again the presence of my lovely grandpa. It just touched my heart on so many levels and inspired me to be even more passionate about following my dreams and finally making them true, with... Read More
Dragana Karadzic 
Dragana Karadzic

Located at The Karma Castle

1437 N US Highway 1, Suite C8
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Saturday, March 21, 2020
12:30 pm – 6:00 pm









Do you have a Psychic Question you would like to ask me? Is your question about Relationships, Work, School, Hobbies, Love, Moving, Vacations?

It can be as general or as specific as you would like it to be. All questions must be about YOU, no one else. Think of this like a mini-private session where you have the opportunity to gain some insight on your life, not the life of someone else.

Don’t have time for a full 30-minute session? Do you have a burning desire to simply know the answer? Then having a Psychic Question answered could be what you are looking for.

I will answer your one question by email within 7 business days after your completed purchase. As with any session, there is no difference in accuracy whether you are meeting with me privately (1-on-1), whether you are on a Video Call, phone call and even by email.
I have countless clients from around the world who have been helped, aided, and guided by my insight.

Ask a Psychic Question

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Don’t have time for a full Mediumship session, or don’t want to wait for the next available session? Maybe a Photo Reading is something you might be interested in. Simply fill out this form to submit your photo and payment.

Please only submit pictures of your loved ones who are in the Spirit World, (that means they are no longer living), and please DO NOT submit a picture of anyone other than YOUR loved one the Spirit World. Please make sure they are the only one in the photo.

I have great success connecting with the Spirit World, simply based on photos. We have come to know it is all an exchange of energy. Therefore, your energy of submitting the photo is similar to your voice in a live reading. Your loved one will know that you have submitted a photo, and they will certainly try to provide evidence so that you know they are still around and sometimes they even provide messages. Understand by submitting their photo, you are in essence inviting them to the mini-photo reading.

The Photo Reading is what I perceive and share with you by written word. You have no appointment to set and no appointment to keep. You will receive the results of the mini-photo reading in an email format and it will be in written word, not a recording. It will typically be the approximate length of one sheet of paper.

Photo Readings

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Florida Stay-at-Home Order

All Offerings Online


As many of you know, the Florida Governor has issued a stay-at-home order for all Floridians starting on April 3rd. To help flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19 I am offering my Readings, Classes, and Events online only at this time.

Conducting your psychic or mediumship reading online is not new to me. I have always offered a variety of readings and classes over the phone or via video sessions. Your physical location has no bearing on the quality of evidence, or my ability to connect with you or your loved one(s) in The Spirit World.

I look forward to connecting with you to help return clarity and comfort in these unpredictable times.