January 15, 2020

Right Now

What do you think of yourself, right NOW? What do you want to be, right NOW? What is your attitude, right NOW? How happy are you, right NOW?

Our lives, this very moment, are a culmination of every action and thought we have ever had, bringing us to, and shaping our NOW.

We have no control over the past, over what has happened up to this point. But we do have control of the NOW. In fact, the ONLY thing we have control over is the NOW.

What do you think of yourself, right NOW? What do you want to be, right NOW? What is your attitude, right NOW? How happy are you, right NOW? How grateful are you, right NOW?

If you are not happy or satisfied with any of those answers, you can change them all RIGHT NOW.

If you think about it, the past is merely millions and millions of former NOWs, and NOW is all we have control over.

The NOW is that instant in time, that very brief moment when the past meets the future, and as soon as you think you’re in it, it has past. It’s right NOW, no NOW….no NOW!!!

The future doesn’t exist. It is merely a conceptual illusion of infinite possibilities. Those of you who follow quantum physics also know that this is true for the past, but that is a whole other topic. But if this very second is a culmination of every action and thought we have ever had bringing us to, and shaping our NOW…… then the future is nothing more than a reflection of, or the sum of all of our pending NOWs.

The future will be a projection of our NOW.

My NOW is full of joy, bliss, harmony, love, abundance, success, health, and creativity. What fills your NOW?

Don’t worry, if you think you have missed your NOW… there’s another one coming RIGHT NOW!


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